Since an RSS feed is just a simple XML-file published on the Web, you can create an RSS feed by using any plain-text editor, even the Windows Notepad, uploading it to your website afterwards.

But using RSS creation software like Jitbit's RSS Feed Creator makes your life much easier and ensures that the RSS-feed is valid, properly formatted and saves tons of time with it's built-in HTML-to-RSS converter, FTP-publishing wizard, validation engine, a friendly GUI and even the code-snippets for your pages that will help publish your feed.

The simplest way to create you first RSS feed in RSS Feed Creator is by using the built-in "New Feed Wizard". It provides fast RSS feed definition and configuration, with a step-by-step tutorial on creating your first feed. After the wizard finishes, the feed can be further edited.

After your RSS feed has been created and saved, it's time to publish it on your website, which includes 2 steps: uploading and linking. RSS Feed Creator has its own FTP-publishing module that allows you upload your feed within several mouse clicks. After the RSS feed has been uploaded, all you have to do is put a simple link to it to any of your pages - code-snippets for such a link and other helpful HTML-templates can be also found within the software, under the "Tools" menu.

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