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RSS Editor

"RSS Feed Creator" RSS editor is an RSS feed generation software for Windows. Create, edit and maintain RSS feeds and podcasts with ease, publish them via FTP, add multimedia content and more.

It is a professional RSS editor software that does not require any XML knowledge. Create and edit an RSS feed for your websites, edit podcasts. Download this RSS editor and generate your first RSS-feed in five seconds using these great features:

  • WYSIWYG RSS editor
  • HTML-2-RSS converter
  • FTP feed publisher
  • Podcast editor, iTunes extensions supported

Brought to you by Jitbit Software, the company behind Jitbit Helpdesk ticket system.

This RSS editor requires no knowledge of the RSS specification. Just run the "RSS Creation Wizard" or use the built-in HTML-2-RSS converter and RSS Editor will generate an RSS feed form almost any HTML text.

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RSS Editor

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